IP Commercialization

IP Consultancy

Monetization of IP is critical to exhausting the Rights acquired. However it is critical to identify, prioritise, evaluate and accordingly manage the IP acquired. Licensing, Technology Transfer, Sale, Mortgage are some of the routes through IP can be monetized. In order to acheive the aforementioned it is important to conduct regular IP audits to scan, assess, match and valuate the technology.

A brief summary of services offered for IP commercialisation is herein below:

Licensing and Technology Transfer:
We help Indian companies access and acquire enabling technology and know-how that will catalyse their innovation capacity and improve their business processes, products and services. We identify your technology needs and search for the right IP from our network of technology partners globally. Specifically we offer the following services:

We work with you to provide you with a clear understanding of the current technology landscape and identify emerging technologies and opportunities so that you can plan for short-term & long-term technology, product and business development strategies. We help you to assess the true value of your technology options based on the strengths, weaknesses, applicability and commercialization potential in the real world. We facilitate the successful matching of technologies through our network of global partners. We help you to create a "Technology need" write-up which provides essential information to trigger the attention of a potential solution provider. We also help you to create a "Technology offer" write-up which provides a brief description of your technology, benefits, possible applications and market opportunities in plain language to attract the interest of potential technology seekers.
IP Audit and Valuation
We help you to determine the value of your IP assets by systematic and periodic review of the owned, used or acquired IP assets to leverage the inhouse IP assets.
IP Policies
We help in formulating and understanding of vendor agreements, CDAs, licensing agreements, assignment agreements, franchisee agreements, transfer of ownership, Registered User Agreements for Start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises and R&D institutes.
For Start-ups:
If you are a start-up that is looking for external resources to carry out product development at an accelerated pace and funding from overseas investors, we work with you to create a mutually beneficial joint venture entity overseas to tap on the R&D infrastructure and funding sources to accelerate prototyping, product validation and market access.
We offer corporate and academic training on various subject matters related to IP through conduction of seminars and workshops. The seminars and workshops are customized based on technology area and organisational hierarchy for example middle level management, management personnel at an organisation. Further these seminars and workshops can be tailored for 2 hours, half day, one day or 2 days.