We are qualified to represent the clients before the India Patent Office, Intellectual Property Appellate Board and appropriate International Authorities under PCT. Our Patent practice includes drafting and prosecuting Patent Applications filed before the India Patent Office and PCT Applications. We also draft Applications for filing before the USPTO and EPO. Our practice focuses on these core areas and related technologies applicable to these areas:

  • Mechanical, Civil and Applied Physics.
  • Chemical sciences and Engineering, Pharmaceutics.
  • Electrical, Electronics and Information Technology.
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences.

We have on our rolls professionals with the appropriate scientific and engineering qualifications, Registered Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys and Patent Consultants. Our Services include:

  • Advising on new product and process development.
  • Conducting Prior Art Search; Patent Landscaping; Patent Watch;Validity/Invalidity Searches.
  • Patent Drafting for IPO; EPO and USPTO; Response to Office Action;
  • Patent Filing at IPO, PCT and other International arrangements.
  • Patent Consultancy: Regarding Filing and Enforcement of Patents locally and internationally.
  • Pre-Grant Opposition; Post-Grant Opposition.
  • Appeals before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB).
  • Infringement proceedings.
  • Patent Litigation.

Our Differentiator

  • Professionals with Industry Experience and IP Training for quick understanding and implementation of necessiated response
  • Conducting customized workshops for harnessing innovations and developing in house IP Skills.
  • Advising strategies on optimizing the IP Budget to get maximum advantage from Patent filing.
  • Thorough management of Patent portfolios through timely reminders and updates.