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About Us

We are a boutique IP company focusing on acquisition,management and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). We have qualified Patent Attorneys, Trademarks Attorneys, Advocates, Engineers and Scientists with excellent industrial experience and adequate law training. We represent clients pan India and have had excellent success at prosecution at the India Patent and Trademark Office. We have a panel of advisors in various fields of competencies such as Chartered Accountants, Auditors, Chartered Valuers, HR and Legal Process Outsourcing.

Our Vision and Values

न चोरहार्य न च राजहार्य न भ्रातु भ्रान्ज्यम न च भारकारि ।
व्यये कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधन प्रधानं ।।

The wealth of knowledge, is the most superior wealth of all.
It cannot be stolen by theives, nor can it be taken away by kings;
It cannot be divided among brothers nor does it strain you.
If spent, it indeed always keeps growing;

"Protected Knowledge is Wealth, Protected Knowledge is Power"

Intellocopia enables protection for the knowledge that is the outcome of a metamorphosed intellect.
Expression of Intellect varies across Individuals, Organisations and Geographies to which they belong. Being sensitive and responsive to these variations is critical in enabling effective protection of the Intellectual Property created out of the expressed Intellect. At Intellocopia we strive to build long-term partnerships with all of our clients, investing time and effort to understand their business objectives and the commercial environment in which they operate. Innovation is an integral part of Intellocopia and there is no ‘universal solution’.

We add value by devising innovative strategies customized for each client. We believe that innovations are the norm of the day and recognising and protecting grass root innovations are as critical as protecting a company’s Intellectual property. We facilitate protection of intellectual property developed by grass root inventors at highly subsidized rates or by even waiving off our fees, as the case may be.

Our relationships with clients are characterised by respect, flexibility and collaboration, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response and the dedication of our people.